Presentation: Automation and Scale On Azure – An Introduction To ARM Templates

I recently had the pleasure to present an Azure ARM templates 101 to Melbourne Infrastructure Coders. I want to thank all of those who attended, David  Lutz (@dlutzy) and Matthew Jones (@geekle) for facilitating and REA for the use of their facilities.

My presentation, Automation and Scale On Azure – An Introduction To ARM Templates, covered off an overview of ARM templates, the structure, how it relates to Azure and Azure Stack, a brief comparison against AWS Cloud Formation, Azure Resource Visualiser, deployment methods (Azure Powershell / Azure xPlat CLI) and what you can accomplish with ARM. I also spoke about the tooling you can use to manipulate these templates.

If you haven’t looked at Azure ARM templates and use the Azure platform I thoroughly recommend that go and take a look, it is the future of Azure.  There are a number of excellent resources out there for you to make a start, including:

You can find my presentation including the cmdlets used in the demos (see notes) by clicking the following link –  Infra Coders – Automation & Scale Using ARM Templates.

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