Setting up MRTG Traffic Monitoring On Cisco / Ubiquiti devices in 15 minutes

Traffic monitoring, do you monitor your switch ports? If you don’t I urge you to. In a past post I had a was being brute force attacked at home, traffic monitoring provides triangulation, another data point to corrleate against. Data allows you to make finely honed decisions, you dont want to fly blind. Perhaps you … Read more

Using A Raspberry Pi 5 & Ubuntu 23.10 As A Desktop Replacement (2024)

It’s the start of the year and I am between jobs. Most people have multiple devices, but I don’t. I am not one to have a device for this and a device for that. I live and breathe off one device and this is by choice. So whilst I am between jobs, I still need … Read more

Battle of the NAS’es – Why are QNAP NAS’es attacking my Synology NAS?

Are QNAP NAS’es trying to destroy all Synology NAS’es? Hang on let me explain, but before I do that a NAS is a Network Storage device, that typically today runs an embedded Linux OS, has a variety of applications and provides storage in the form of NFS, SMB and other protocols (even ISCSI) to devices … Read more