Tech Tee-Shirts: How to make friends and influence people

Who are you? The world of IT is big and ever-growing. Do you just blend in? Maybe you do, and that is fine (and could be appropriate), but perhaps your role is more of an evangelist, one of the plethora of IT based architects, a CxO, a Head Of, or even as the role I … Read more

TLS 1.3 – Faster, Safer and Just Awesome

Recently I thought it was time to get back to basics, time to get in to the detail and I gave an internal session at Microsoft on (TLS) Transport Layer Security 1.3 and why its such step change for TLS. I am sure you are probably aware TLS is an encryption protocol that protects Internet … Read more

Presentation: Automation and Scale On Azure – An Introduction To ARM Templates

I recently had the pleasure to present an Azure ARM templates 101 to Melbourne Infrastructure Coders. I want to thank all of those who attended, David  Lutz (@dlutzy) and Matthew Jones (@geekle) for facilitating and REA for the use of their facilities. My presentation, Automation and Scale On Azure – An Introduction To ARM Templates, … Read more