Installation of Inner Range Integriti Alarm Systems with Multi Door Access Control

WARNING : Electricity can be lethal, this work should only be attempted by a licensed electrician

The last major item on my automation to-do list was access control. Many basic alarm systems do this but I needed more. As I plan leverage this system as my eyes finding the right solution was paramount to the success of future projects.

I ended up settling on InnerRange’s Integriti system. An overkill by all means but powerful enough to ensure I won’t be limited by the system. It speaks serial, has an API, can control 1,000 card readers, switch 240 doors and have 100,000 users.

Enough for our house.

Bill of Materials
– 1 x InnerRange ISC (Integriti Security Controller)
– 1 x InnerRange Prisma Terminal
– 1 x InnerRange Elite Terminal
– 1 x InnerRange Rack Mount Chassis
– 1 x InnerRange Intregriti 2 AMP PowerSupply
– 1 x InnerRange Integriti 2 Door Controller
– 13 x Paradox DG55 PIR(Passive InfraRed Sensor)’s
– 2 x FSH FES20 Electric Strikes
– 2 x HID R10 Mullion Card Readers
– 1 x Flush Mount Internal Siren
– 1 x External Strobe / Siren
– 1 x RS232 Adapter Cable from ISC to Automation Controller
– 1 x Licensing SIM
– 1 x Cable Recess Hinge
– 250m of Figure 8 cable (Power)
– 3000m of 4 Core Alarm Cable (PIR’s)
– 250m of 4 Core Shielded Cable (Local LAN RS 485 Communication)
– 800m of 8 Core Shielded Cable (HID Car Readers)
– 1 x Length of heat shrink ($3)
– 1 x 20m (enough cable to run between automation controller and heater furnace) of 6 core cable. ($10 AUD)

Total Cost =

Step 1: Plan
A project like this is not something you string together last minute. My house is double story and like all other projects I complete I am after the stealth look. Without adequate planning their will be unnecessary cuts in plaster or bits of conduits hiding cables. Not a neat look. Whilst I have become pretty good at running cables, running cables to the middle of the bottom story is practically impossible without plaster damage. Given I had some idea of what we wanted to achieve before we built it was time to consult the experts.

My requirements were pretty modest but actually finding a product and installer who knew what they were talking about was less than easy. After countless weeks research I ended up with an InnerRange Integriti system and worked with their gold partner (. As it came to be they were a pretty good company to work with that said whilst they were a gold partner they knew very little about interfacing the system via serial and nothing on the API side of the product. That left me in bit of a hold but they kindly put me in touch with Inner Ranges support team which have been excellent to deal with.

Step 2: Cable, Cable and Cable
This process started 4 1/2 years ago when we built. During the build process we ran approximately 7km of cable during the framing stage. Based off a rough plan from InnerRange cable was ran for
– All PIR’s (One per room approx)
– All panels (upstairs, downstairs, garage)
– Emergency/Duress buttons (in master bedroom)
– Sirens (Both Internal and External)
– Electric Stikesb

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